PMB Technologies Asia provides the world’s first patented, unheated road & pavement construction method utilising polymetric, monomeric and bitumen composition mixtures.


pmb technologies asia

PMB Technologies Asia are the licensed marketing and distribution network for PMB Technologies’ products throughout the Asia Pacific Region. All products are patented, certified, accredited and environmentally-friendly for road and pavement construction.

Our founders have been involved in the technology and products which have been in development since 1996, seeking alternatives to the ineffective and extremely expensive conventional methods of dust suppression and road stabilisation.

The products have been developed to deal with difficult soil compositions as well as hot, dry and tropical environmental conditions and heavy load capabilities. This follows decades of in-depth research, thorough testing and expansive applications. Our products and systems have been used extensively by national, state and local governments, civil construction, mining, primary production industries and major construction companies worldwide.

The PMB product range has been developed to deal with difficult soil compositions as well as hot, dry, tropical environmental conditions inclusive of heavy load capacities.

All of our products are applied unheated and do not require drying aids or heating elements for curing. The product itself is in liquid form.

The products ISB8000, ISB9000 are all Dark brown in colour and are all non- regulated for transport domestically and internationally.

The product ISB4000 is white in colour and carries the same non- regulated status.

All products can be diluted with water and are non-toxic to marine, airborne, land dwelling and human species.

The application of our products are delivered via dispersion on top of or into sub-grade soils and pavements through normal road construction machinery.